Securing remote network access for business continuity in times of crisis: A guide

With the coronavirus outbreak continuing to gather pace, many businesses around the world are having to provide remote access for all their employees, sometimes for the first time. This is being done under pressure to tight time constraints. It’s difficult for anyone to do their best work with deadlines looming, and worries and concerns about the current situation playing on their mind. IT staff are no different.

Mistakes and misconfigurations are inevitable and that will...

CIOs don’t need to reach out to HR – it needs to be the other way around

Digital isn’t one person’s problem. It’s not even one department's problem. Yet all we hear every day is that CIOs should be reaching out across the business to improve data culture and persuade people to get on board with transformation projects.

Rubbish. It’s the job of every department to explore how new technologies can enhance the work they do and that’s as true of the HR department as it is any other part of the business.

The benefits of...

Why 2019 was a ‘dynamic’ year for cybersecurity – and what lies in store for 2020 and beyond

The findings of the Cybersecurity Threat Landscape Report 2019, research prepared using threat intelligence gathered from Subex’s global honeypot network now operational in 62 cities globally, have presented the global trends that have the most significant implications for enterprises, governments, citizens and other stakeholders.

The report highlights rising malware complexity and sophistication,...

Emergencies and cyberattacks: Three common scams you need to watch for

Emergencies and cyberattacks are hard enough on their own. But disasters bring out the worst in cybercriminals, and if an event can be exploited, you can be sure that a hacker is going to do so. Whether you’re dealing with a recession, flood, or pandemic, it’s important to keep an eye out for scams that take advantage of emergencies.

From infected links to PDFs containing viruses, here are three types of scams you’ll likely see during an...

Managing enterprise authentication with single sign-on: The seven key benefits

The advent of online shopping created an expectation of 24/7 corporate availability and interaction that the arrival of the smartphone only solidified. Anything is possible now, it seems, at any time of day and from any location. In this world of limitless options, organisations must be cloud-enabled and mobile-ready to remain competitive.

This is great for users but tricky for organisations to pull off....

Putting the user first: Why goals, comms, and transparency are key for internal services

Internal services are the lifeblood of every organisation. Supporting departments, such as IT, human resources, and facility management, enable a slick working environment. Setting up an employee’s workstation, resolving a technical problem, or reserving a meeting room are all possible because of the provision of quality user service support.

These simple but vital functions are foundational to the...

Organisations adopting AI in finance and operations see 80% faster annual profits, says Oracle

Organisations adopting artificial intelligence (AI) alongside other emerging technologies in finance and operations are likely to see their annual profits grow 80% faster, according to a study from Oracle.

The study, titled ‘Emerging Technologies: The Competitive Edge for Finance and Operations’, found that of the 700 respondents polled, 37% of finance organisations have seen a reduction in...

IT superheroes: Treat shadow IT as your sidekick, not your arch nemesis

When you think about your favourite superheroes, there is always an arch-nemesis that proves to be a thorn in the side. Think Batman and the Joker, Spiderman and Venom, Superman and Lex Luthor. For most IT leaders, it’s fair to say that one of the biggest archnemeses comes in the form of shadow IT.

And business leaders tend to agree. In our recent Digital Disconnect Study, 78% of IT and...

CIO IT budgets are gradually increasing – with AI and ML a ‘spotlight’ technology

The good news is that the CIO’s IT budget is going up – but it remains slow progress.

That’s according to a new report released by IDG. The CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2020 report, which polled 200 heads of IT, found that three in five (59%) respondents expect their technology budgets to increase in the coming 12 months. Yet this is only just up from 57% the previous year.

BlackBerry threat analysis report sounds pessimistic warning for retail and automotive brands

If you are in the automotive or retail space, expect more cyber threats in the coming year – according to a new report from BlackBerry.

The company’s 2020 Threat Report, put together using insights from Cylance, the anti-malware provider acquired by BlackBerry one year ago, analysed various attack vectors of interest to bad actors, from coin-mining to ever-sophisticated ransomware...