A guide to Mac device management: Enrolment, rollout and support

If your Windows-based company is about to introduce Apple devices management for the first time, you and your IT team may feel uneasy about getting up to speed with this new operating system (OS).

The good news is that Apple devices were designed for secure, remote management, and their administrative tools are as beautiful and intuitive as their hardware design.

To help you break into this new space, here’s a brief guide to help you better understand how Mac computers...

MobileIron report warns of C-suite risk to mobile security

It is already commonly regarded that humans are the weakest link in the chain when it comes to cybersecurity - but a new MobileIron study has found that the fish rots from the head.

According to the enterprise security provider, based on interviews of 300 enterprise IT decision makers and 50 C-level executives, the C-suite is the most likely group within an organisation to ask for more relaxed mobile security protocols, in spite of being the most likely targets for...