KDS and Booking.com for Business partner to extend worldwide choice of accommodation to corporate travellers via KDS Neo

London, UK – July 13, 2016: KDS, a global provider of corporate travel and expense (T&E) management software solutions, has partnered with Booking.com for Business to provide KDS Neo users full access to Booking.com’s selection of accommodation, from traditional hotels to B&Bs, apartments and more, at great prices. Booking.com for Business is the company’s dedicated division focused on empowering business travellers to seamlessly book and manage their travel in the...

Medelinked Now Integrated with UP by Jawbone

Wristband and app system users can now track their health, locate healthcare specialists and store securely, safely access and share medical history from their mobile device

Oxfordshire, July 6th, 2016 - Medelinked is now integrated with the UP by Jawbone wristband and app system. The integration provides users with one place to manage their own and their family’s health. It also provides peace of mind that if they need urgent medical treatment at home or abroad, their secure...

Post-Globo: Is it time to have a rethink over the enterprise mobile industry?


The unfortunate story of Globo, the Greek enterprise mobile software provider, is one which has the potential to raise serious alarms over the enterprise mobile industry. Yet if you glanced through the regular industry press, it barely caused a ripple.

The full saga makes for sorry reading. From the accusations by the US hedge fund Quintessential Capital Group of impropriety, to the extraordinary – in every sense of the word – board meeting in...

How Dell utilises BYO PC for its internship programmes

Picture credit: iStockPhoto

Feature As one of the world’s leading tech companies, anyone who’s looking to intern at Dell for the summer is naturally going to be technology minded. The result is that Dell doesn’t need to provide them with any technology of their own; just hook up their laptop to the company profile and let them get on with it.

This isn’t a new phenomenon, of course. But it doesn’t carry as glitzy an image as BYOD. According to the...

Telecoms expense management: Why you need to nail it to keep your BYOD workforce happy

Picture credit: "Blackberry Curve black closeup", by "David Precious", used under CC BY / Modified from original

Feature It’s by no means the sexiest aspect of enterprise mobility rollouts – but telecoms expense management (TEM) is fast becoming one of the most important.

It's always been there, of course, whether you had to laboriously filter through your phone bill with HR each month, or in a lot of cases today, carry two phones with you....

Why concern over wearables in enterprise IT shows the pace of consumerisation

Picture credit: "Cheetah Run 4", by "Gary Eyring", used under CC BY NC ND

Dan Dearing, VP marketing at enterprise mobility provider MobileSpaces, argues the “concern” around wearable devices in the enterprise is a “good indicator” of the rate of change that consumerisation is bringing.

Speaking to Enterprise AppsTech, Dearing argues that there shouldn’t be that much of an issue at the device level.

“It just...

MobileSpaces on version 2.1 and why they have the edge in MAM

Speaking to David Goldschlag, the CEO of enterprise mobile security firm MobileSpaces in September, he noted that with the company’s latest round of funding they “were well along the path to having a complete product for solving the need of the enterprise to choose any app.”

With the release of its 2.1 iteration last month, enabling support of the full suite of Google productivity apps across Android and iOS, they’re getting closer and closer to this...

AirWatch: A billion dollar journey from Wi-Fi to EMM

Exclusive “I’ve had a few sleepless nights in the last week,” admits Ian Evans, EMEA managing director of AirWatch.

You can’t blame him. Yesterday VMware announced its intent to buy the enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider for $1.54bn (£929.7m), in what is already a contender for biggest enterprise story of 2014.

It’s been a long and winding road for the company which started life as Wandering WiFi. And like many big acquisitions of...

How is enterprise mobility rollout taking shape in the UK?

A research report from IFS has revealed that enterprise mobility schemes are happening “quickly” in the UK because of business benefits – with security concerns often being overlooked.

The report, which covered 200 UK-based CIOs and IT managers, focused on the state of enterprise mobility, why companies are investing – or not – and the most popular applications used.

Primarily, UK enterprises are investing in mobility solutions because it enables a...