Analysing the case for texting in the enterprise [infographic]


According to a recent TigerText survey, 72% of employees use texting as a workplace messaging tool. Of that number, 71% text colleagues, while 20% opt for customers and 15% partners.

And according to the Santa Monica-based firm there are extremely sound reasons for adopting text messaging as the primary workplace communication tool, including being a quicker tool for BYOD, greater project management, and more securely enabling private conversations...

The seven keys to industrialising enterprise mobility [infographic]

Picture credit: Sitrion

When organisations are looking to mobilise their workforce, there’s usually a fork in the road. Which path do you take? Do you go down the route of creating custom apps, or do you go for an all-in-one mobile solution?

Mobile productivity solutions provider Sitrion has come up with an infographic which states the case for both options, and guides on how to industrialise enterprise mobility.

Sitrion cites the 80/20 rule in industrialising...

Business data breaches get more expensive each year: The state of enterprise security


The average cost of a data breach per company has almost doubled in five years, from $6.46m in 2010 to $12.69m in 2014, according to a new infographic put together by SysCloud.

More than a quarter (26.1%) of these breaches are as a result of hacking incidents, while 11.7% are down to insider theft – such as employees selling their company passwords to the highest bidder, as Enterprise AppsTech reported yesterday – and only 9.3% are down to...

Let’s give IT a break – they’re the new superheroes of the enterprise

Picture credit: iStockPhoto

“They appear to be mild-mannered members of the IT team. But underneath their jeans and collared shirts beat the hearts of the unsung enterprise heroes.”

So goes an infographic from CTERA which argues the IT department doesn’t get enough credit for enterprise mobility rollouts.

“Today’s IT department is quietly transforming into a strategic business enabler via the cloud,” it continues.


Hadoop usage in the enterprise: Is it viable for your company?

Picture credit: "Today's latte, Hadoop", by "Yuko Honda", used under CC BY SA / Modified from original

Three in five companies say that Hadoop supplements their existing data environments, while the same number plans to deploy it in the future.

Hadoop deployments are on the up, and companies looking to utilise it is also increasing. The Strata + Hadoop World conference in New York last week was an interesting insight. Rackspace launched a Hadoop...

How has the enterprise network evolved? [infographic]

The corporate network used to trundle along nicely – but with corporate device policies, not to mention the ever increasing amounts of data, enterprise networks are straining under the pressure.

Indeed, Easynet’s UK MD Adrian Thirkill wrote for Enterprise AppsTech that he felt “sorry” for the corporate network, noting that “every day it’s squeezed from all sides with video, voice, cloud, big data and mobile putting more pressure on it than an...

How can shadow IT be an enabler for enterprises?

As companies increase in size, it becomes ever apparent that a one size fits all security solution is not going to work in all cases.

It’s the age-old issue of keeping secure whilst improving innovation. Sure, your 10 year old hardware is easier to lock down than a series of devices on different specs, but it’s hardly a good image for companies going forward – and it won’t impress your employees either.

What’s the solution? Well, traditionally the...

Analysing the rise and risks of BYOD [infographic]

The acronym ‘BYOD’ has in no small part fuelled the enterprise-related media scene on its own for the past 18 months; and its disruptive potential is tangible.

Yet it shares similarities with another hugely hyped technology, cloud computing. Both have moved beyond the embryonic stage – as CloudTech has reported, many cloud computing reports of late have emphasised how the technology is maturing – into more sophisticated discussion.

For cloud, it’s...

Microsoft Surface Pro “just isn’t there” says IDC analyst – are smaller models on the way?

Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet has had a rocky start, with the International Data Center (IDC) pegging Q1 2013 estimates at just 900,000 (compare to Apple iPad’s 19.5 million!), causing IDC analyst Tom Mainelli to slam it with: “It’s just not there yet.”

Mainelli goes on to explain how battery life is a huge issue stating it will be compared to the iPad which runs for eight to 10 hours, up to the Surface which lasts for four.

His exact quote was:...

Crunching the numbers of BYOD [infographic]

An infographic, produced jointly by Intel and Readwrite, has summarised the key statistics regarding bring your own device.

The most interesting takeaway from the graphic was a figure from Quest: nearly three out of four IT professionals (74%) think that BYOD makes their employees more productive.

Accenture, back in January, revealed that 60% of its survey respondents thought BYOD was more productive in terms of conference calls and collaboration tools.

Yet of course,...