MobileIron report warns of C-suite risk to mobile security

It is already commonly regarded that humans are the weakest link in the chain when it comes to cybersecurity - but a new MobileIron study has found that the fish rots from the head.

According to the enterprise security provider, based on interviews of 300 enterprise IT decision makers and 50 C-level executives, the C-suite is the most likely group within an organisation to ask for more relaxed mobile security protocols, in spite of being the most likely targets for...

Why 2019 was a ‘dynamic’ year for cybersecurity – and what lies in store for 2020 and beyond

The findings of the Cybersecurity Threat Landscape Report 2019, research prepared using threat intelligence gathered from Subex’s global honeypot network now operational in 62 cities globally, have presented the global trends that have the most significant implications for enterprises, governments, citizens and other stakeholders.

The report highlights rising malware complexity and sophistication,...

CIO IT budgets are gradually increasing – with AI and ML a ‘spotlight’ technology

The good news is that the CIO’s IT budget is going up – but it remains slow progress.

That’s according to a new report released by IDG. The CIO Tech Poll: Tech Priorities 2020 report, which polled 200 heads of IT, found that three in five (59%) respondents expect their technology budgets to increase in the coming 12 months. Yet this is only just up from 57% the previous year.

Many companies still compromising mobile security to get things done: Verizon study

Four in 10 companies admit they have ‘sacrificed’ mobile security in the past year, according to the latest study from Verizon.

The report, Verizon’s third edition of its Mobile Security Index, found many companies are leaving themselves at risk through lax security plans. 43% of respondents had sacrificed mobile security over the most recent 12 months, with two thirds (66%) of...

IDG’s State of the CIO 2020: Changing responsibilities and becoming more customer-centric

IDG has recently released its 2020 State of the CIO research, which explains in detail the CIO agenda for the upcoming year and provides a framework of the responsibilities and challenges faced by senior IT leaders. Over the past decade, 42% of CIOs have had a transformational focus, but strong momentum suggests 40% will be taking more strategic responsibilities in 2020.

The research suggests 45% of CIOs polled spend the majority of their time on security management; 44% on...

Tonkean: Automation will define enterprise trends in 2020

According to Tonkean, a leading robotic automation and management platform for business operations, automation is set to revolutionise the way we work in the year 2020.

In its latest predictions for 2020 mobile industry trends, some of the key trends that Tonkean’s analysts have identified are:

App fatigue for both IT and businesses as automation consolidates different app functions – In a number of enterprises, app fatigue has been seen as a rising trend. Both IT...

Gartner CIO survey: EMEA organisations getting to grips with digital but remain vulnerable

Gartner’s recent annual global survey of CIOs has revealed that though organisations in the EMEA region have adopted digitalisation, they remain vulnerable to prevailing business conditions.

According to the survey, CIOs must assist their organisations acquire the abilities required to win when the next turn arrives, as year 2020 is likely to be more volatile than 2019.

More than half of workers polled experience mobile issues at least once a month, survey argues

The enterprise mobility market may be considered close to saturation, but plenty of pain points remain, according to a new industry report.

The State of Enterprise Mobility survey, conducted by B2M Solutions, found more than half (51%) of workers polled reported experiencing at least one issue with their mobile devices per month which hindered their ability to do their job.

Most outages can potentially be avoided, argues IT – yet the business side is pessimistic

Outages, for some, remain the great imponderable for IT and business teams alike. On occasions there is little that can be done about it; Google Cloud, for instance, suffered an outage in August that left affected users with hands tied behind backs for hours. Yet according to a new study, more than half of downtime can be avoidable.

The report from LogicMonitor, which surveyed 300 IT decision makers...