Samsung launches Galaxy enterprise edition with UK focus

Samsung has unveiled the enterprise edition of its Galaxy smartphone in the UK, with a plethora of enterprise-flavoured options promised from security to firmware over-the-air.

The launch will see the Galaxy Enterprise Edition become available on the Note10, S10, S10e, A50, A40 and XCover 4s variants, with more variants being announced later in the year.

Samsung acquires Tachyon for ‘last mile’ of mobile configuration


Samsung has announced the acquisition of Tachyon, an enterprise mobile device configuration and development software provider, to assist with the “last mile” of configuration for Samsung’s enterprise mobile customers.

Washington-based Tachyon, a spinoff of Kaprica Security, helps with the deployment of Samsung Android smartphones and tablets in organisations, automating device configuration and reducing the time of rollouts....

Samsung KNOX recognised by Gartner as “strongest” mobile security platform


Good news for Samsung’s mobile enterprise efforts; the company’s KNOX product has been recognised by analyst house Gartner with the most ‘strong’ ratings in its latest mobile security report.

The report, which was published earlier this month, examined core OS security features as well as the enterprise management side, and found KNOX to be at the top of the file for corporate managed security, as well as in more...

A glimpse into the future, Samsung style: How the office of 2025 might look

Picture credit: Samsung

A new report from Samsung argues the office of 2025 will include a move towards ‘creative villages’ rather than remote working, as well as smart technology which turns employees into super-productive machines by eradicating the irrelevant email blitz.

The report, the first to be released as part of Samsung’s Smarter Futures series, goes against the grain of remote working or hotdesking as the future of the office. At its nub, the theory...

Assessing the executive outlook on Android’s enterprise ecosystem #MWC15


Analysis It’s an exciting yet challenging time for the CIO. Employees are going to bring their own devices into work, but even though Android is the dominant consumer platform, the enterprise side is relatively lacking. If there is a paradigm shift afoot, something is still holding it back.

Nowhere is this more keenly felt than Google itself. The much-vaunted release of Android for Work (AfW) last week plays to the concerns of fragmentation and...

Globo’s MDM report shows Samsung and KitKat dominate Android enterprise market


The latest Globo MDM report has revealed how Samsung continues to dominate the Android enterprise hardware market, with KitKat becoming the most popular operating system.

Samsung commands 73% of all activated Android Globo devices, followed by Motorola (12%) and LG (7%), while KitKat runs on half (49.59%) of devices, ahead of Jelly Bean (30.41%) and Gingerbread (9.31%). The latter represents a marked change from July 2014, with Jelly Bean running on two in...

Samsung 360 Services for enterprise: Let’s not jump the gun for the time being

Picture credit: "SAMSUNG closer", by "opopododo", used under CC BY / Modified from original

Last week, Samsung announced Samsung 360 Services, a one stop shop for enterprise mobile support. What was surprising about this was that it was, on the surface, an inclusive play. Samsung said it wasn’t just for their own devices, or ones with an Android operating system; they want to support every device in the business, regardless of what it is or what platform it...

Outlook good for Microsoft in the mobile enterprise wars

Recent research put out by the Aberdeen Group has shown how Microsoft products are dominating the rollouts for enterprise mobile app deployment in 2013.

In a blog post on the Aberdeen site, enterprise mobility and collaboration research director Andrew Borg likens the scenario to David and Goliath, with the key protagonists – Apple, Samsung, BlackBerry and Microsoft – switching roles with each new phone release.

The results, which can be seen in the table below,...

Is Samsung going to make an enhanced enterprise play at MWC?

A research note from brokerage firm Detwiler Fenton has stated that Samsung is looking further at an enterprise push following the release of BlackBerry 10 at the end of January.

The note reads: “Our latest smartphone checks indicate that Samsung is making an aggressive push into the enterprise segment and it has BlackBerry’s enterprise and SMB business in its cross-hairs.

“The reality is Samsung is not going to sit idle and let BlackBerry upgrade its existing...

Samsung’s US Galaxy Nexus ban temporarily lifted

Last week, AppsTech mused that Samsung was “in the patents equivalent of the last chance saloon” amidst their bitter battle with Apple.

Whilst Samsung hasn’t won the battle or the war, they’re ready to fight another day for now with the news that an American court has temporarily agreed to Samsung’s stay on the Galaxy Nexus US ban.

The Northern District of California court said, in a brief order, that Samsung’s preliminary injunction was...