Forrester predicts gloomy Windows 8 enterprise adoption

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A blog post from Forrester analyst David Johnson has stated three primary reasons as to why Windows 8 is a potential risk in the enterprise.

Despite admitting that he thinks Windows 8 will become a “BYOD force for many organisations”, Johnson states the next 12 months are vital for adoption.

In terms of the workplace and IT decision makers, Johnson predicts the following:

  • Most workplaces are still struggling between Windows XP and Windows 7. The OS upgrade, app migration and labour costs for Windows 7 are expensive enough, believes Forrester – so companies will be reluctant to splash the cash again
  • Even if Windows 8 is so much better, most companies are happy enough with 7. Despite Johnson calling Windows 8 security “potent”, he adds “we don’t think they will be enough to create a tipping point for IT adoption.”
  • The new Windows 8 interface is a major change. This is true especially for those employees who have a laissez faire attitude to how their interfaces work – resulting in “disorientation and frustration”.
  • Other reasons Johnson gives for misgivings in the enterprise include a limited availability of apps in the Windows Store, mitigating BYOD demand for Windows tablets until Microsoft can catch up; and the fact that Windows 8 is a fully desktop OS and needs further resources.

    Previously, Johnson had written that IT firms were only experiencing half the migration figures for Windows 8 than they had with Windows 7 in 2009.

    Enterprise AppsTech had previously mused upon enterprise adoption for the new Microsoft OS, with Zenprise CEO Amit Pandey stating that Microsoft’s “smart move to build Windows 8 for PCs and tablets…gives enterprises a smooth plan to make the transition on a timetable that makes sense for them.”

    But do you agree with Forrester’s somewhat grim analysis, or is there potential for Microsoft in this sphere?

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