Slack Platform launches App Directory to facilitate interoperability; announces fund and Botkit for developers

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In order to foster interoperability and ensure progress and productivity does not get lost in silos, the Slack Platform has launched The Slack App Directory, featuring over 160 apps for the benefit of a Slack team. The platform ensures easy installation and curates apps by category, popularity, and staff favourites.

The listings are classified in a number of categories such as design, marketing, office management, developer tools, and productivity. The platform also facilitates a search function wherein one can also search within Slack by typing /apps <keyword> to search for any app related to that <keyword> and get the three most popular results back in the channel.

Additionally, Slack has announced a new $80 million dollar fund to foster development and interaction around the Slack Platform. The fund is supported by Accel, Andreessen-Horowitz, Index Ventures, KPCB, Spark, and Social Capital. The fund, targeting developers and small companies, will back “Slack-first” apps and B2B and enterprise tools that develop Slack integrations as part of their product.

The success of the Slack Fund will depend upon the quality and adoption of the apps built by companies backed by the fund and the amount of investment made in the Slack ecosystem.

The Slack Platform has also released a new framework for Slack development known as Botkit, which was developed by Howdy. The Botkit streamlines app creation, especially bots, with a flexible codebase that deals with authentication along with sending, receiving, and processing of messages with the Slack API. Development is, as a result, simplified as the foundation for app development is already in place and developers now only need to focus on coding and programming, while making use of the tools given.

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