Microsoft adds Slack to list of official Office rivals in 10-K report

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Microsoft and Slack are hardly going to be bosom buddies – and now the rivalry has gone up a couple of notches.

At least, that’s according to Microsoft’s annual 10-K report. This year’s offering (html, 107 pages if you have a spare hour or so) has a new name under the ‘competition’ banner. Slack is in as a competitor to Office, alongside Apple, Cisco, Facebook, Google and IBM. The company removed Adobe, Oracle and SAP from last year’s list.

The changes – as first reported by GeekWire – do not stop there. Microsoft Teams, the most obvious Slack rival, also got a new coat of paint in the 10-K. 2017 noted that “new scenarios – like those enabled by Teams – will redefine how work gets done and help foster employee engagement and culture.”

This year, also under the ambition to ‘reinvent productivity and business processes’, Microsoft offers the following. “Microsoft Teams is core to our vision for the modern workplace as the digital hub that creates a single canvas for teamwork, conversations, meetings, and content.”

The company’s overall ambitions – to reinvent productivity and business processes, build the intelligent cloud platform and create more personal computing – are unchanged. And why would they be? Microsoft’s most recent financial results saw quarterly revenues across the board of $30.1 billion, with total revenues for the year at $110.4bn. Azure revenues went up 89% year on year, with LinkedIn (37%) and Office commercial products and cloud services (10%) also rising.

For Slack – who of course took out a full page advert in the New York Times touting its wares when Teams was launched in late 2016 – the battle is well and truly joined. In May, the company announced it had more than eight million daily active users and more than three million paid users.

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