New report assesses how organisations are facing issues with collaborative working

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A new report from Clarizen, a project management software provider, has shown how organisations are increasingly relying on mobile working – and the issues companies are facing with their collaboration software.

The study, titled ‘Powering Remote Working’, polled more than 300 executives from a range of global companies and found 70% of businesses say they have employees, departments and teams spread across several sites or working from home.

Yet many problems persist with a mobile working strategy. 85% of those polled said they need their employees in disparate locations to do more than message via a straightforward chat application. More specifically, three quarters (73%) say they need collaborative software that increases productivity by ‘tying communication to specific business tasks – helping teams coordinate workflow, track progress, align goals, allocate budget and meet deadlines.’

The report assesses the various challenges of remote working, from lack of communication – providing ongoing updates throughout projects – to lack of input from remote workers, tracking productivity, and limited access to files and documents.

“The leaders of forward-looking enterprises with modern diversified workforces have to look to the cloud to ensure they have the business agility they need and don’t become bogged down by legacy systems,” the report concludes. “When it comes to workforces functioning across an array of work sites, utilising mobile technologies so that employees can work wherever they need to is essential.”

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