Tackling cybercrime one step at a time: How businesses can stay connected and protected

Shani Latif is sales director at Telent.

As concern around cyber security continues to rapidly grow and threats become increasingly complex, the challenges faced by businesses are mounting considerably. In fact, when assessing the cyber security risk, it is no longer a question of if a business will be attacked, but when.

Today, significant cyber security breaches are becoming commonplace in newspaper headlines, with British Airways among one of the latest organisations to face the consequences of a data breach. This resulted in around 500,000 customers’ information being stolen by the attackers, which early in July landed the airline with a £183 million fine from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

While these attacks may quickly fade from the eye of the public, they must not be ignored by major corporations and are a lesson to be learnt from. If these organisations should take anything from these attacks, it is that every business should be wary of the risks that cyber security threats pose – and now is the time for them to begin counteracting them by investing in both the right ICT infrastructure and cyber security culture.

Tackling cybercrime head on

In 2018 alone, 32% of businesses identified that they had experienced a cyber security breach or attack, according to the UK’s Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. These were most commonly phishing emails, followed by instances of others impersonating their organisation online, viruses or other malware including ransomware.

The occurrence of these breaches shows no signs of slowing, as businesses continue to migrate their operations to cloud-based systems, increasing the number of associated risks to tackle. Coupled with this is the ever-growing cyber security workforce shortage, which is expected to reach 1.8 million by 2022.

While the concerns are clear, many chief information officers (CIOs) and chief executive officers (CEOs) have a lack of understanding as to where to prioritise their investment in preventing and identifying cyber security threats. This is particularly crucial, as how a business prepares for and reacts to such an attack will not only affect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical systems, but also the business impact.

Connecting and protecting

One key risk which businesses are keen to mitigate is hacking. More often than not, hackers will be able to access a network through staff sharing credentials and password details. To overcome this, businesses must look at placing restrictions on sharing this information while also monitoring its employees to ensure they are not sharing this data, either unwittingly or deliberately. Additionally, businesses must take responsibility by educating their employees to ensure that they are aware of the ever-evolving challenges of cyber-attacks and also how they can identify cyber threats.

Malware attacks are another cause for concern and these can be caused by not having the right internet security software in place. One way in which businesses can combat this directly is by putting strict security compliance in place. Selecting the right cloud provider can also go a long way in preventing malicious data breaches and can provide CIOs and CEOs with the means to manage their organisation’s data effectively, enabling them to pinpoint exactly what data has been stolen and ensure that weaknesses are addressed.

But most importantly, businesses must invest in the right ICT infrastructure, one which can not only keep their assets connected, but also protected.

A trusted partner in a time of uncertainty and change

To address this need, telent has partnered up with CNS Group – one of the UK’s leading independent Cyber Security Consultancy and Service providers – to provide information Assurance and Cyber Security Services and consultancy to businesses operating across a variety of sectors.

These services are designed to provide CIOs and CEOs alike with the confidence that their assets are protected in a time of uncertainty and change. To further enhance this, businesses must also ensure that l employees have an awareness of cyber security risks when using services such as these to ensure that their data and business is kept safe.

As part of its extensive efforts to tackle these issues, telent recently held a cyber security event at the Churchill War Rooms, in London, to help organisations protect themselves from potential threats. This saw cyber security experts from across the industry gather to discuss in depth how hackers think, what vulnerabilities they look for and how organisations can directly combat this threat.

This provides a great example of the industry joining forces to tackle cybersecurity head on and the risks that is poses. This level of corporation, together with the right technology in place, will provide businesses with the means to fight cybercrime, ensuring that their networks, devices, programmes and data are kept protected – at all costs.

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