Tonkean: Automation will define enterprise trends in 2020

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According to Tonkean, a leading robotic automation and management platform for business operations, automation is set to revolutionise the way we work in the year 2020.

In its latest predictions for 2020 mobile industry trends, some of the key trends that Tonkean’s analysts have identified are:

  • App fatigue for both IT and businesses as automation consolidates different app functions – In a number of enterprises, app fatigue has been seen as a rising trend. Both IT as well as business functions in organizations are making their efforts to consolidate the number of apps. In 2020, firms will turn their heads towards automation so that it could play a very crucial role in meeting their needs.

  • Evolution of task-level to process-level automation – From 2020, automation platforms will start looking at the processes more keenly in order to allow organizations to reduce the number of tools that are required to drive end-to-end process efficiency.

  • Operations teams will become the backbone of businesses – Intelligent automation will play a significant role for the operation teams as businesses start moving away from automation for low-variability, high-repetition use cases.

  • Taking the center stage – Legal operations, customer operations and other such functional operations teams which are empowered by no-code automation solutions will start delivering solutions. Key stakeholders for automation will advance from IT and centralized automation teams to functional operations teams in 2020.

  • Strategic use of intelligent automation – The year 2020 will see intelligent automation platforms becoming mainstream and several firms adopting strategic automation initiatives in order to drive efficiencies across their organization.

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