Enterprise open source usage soars aligned with cloud strategies, argues Red Hat

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Proprietary software usage is plummeting as enterprise open source projects are increasingly playing a strategic role in organisations, according to a new report from Red Hat.

The study, the company’s second State of Enterprise Open Source report, polled 950 global IT leaders, of whom 95% said open source was important to their enterprise infrastructure.

“It’s safe to say we don’t need to ask ‘if’ anymore,” Jim Whitehurst, president and CEO of Red Hat, wrote in the report’s foreword regarding enterprise OS usage. “We need to ask ‘why’ and ‘how.’ Looking at the report, the results indicate a market environment driven by collaborative innovation.”

This means bad news for those who tout proprietary software – and the report expects the tables to turn within the coming year. Currently, 42% of organisations polled said they used proprietary today, compared with 36% for enterprise open source and 19% for community open source. In two years’ time, the report predicts enterprise OS to hit 44% and proprietary to drop to 32%.

Not surprisingly, cloud strategies are dovetailing with this. Almost two in three (63%) respondents said they employed a hybrid cloud infrastructure today – and of those who don’t, more than half (54%) say it is on the shopping list in the next 24 months.

When it came to how enterprises were using open source technology, the primary use case was for infrastructure modernisation, cited by 60% of those polled. Application development (53%) and DevOps (52%) were also highly cited. While particular barriers remain – code security, levels of support, and compatibility were concerns to at least one in three respondents – the arenas in which OS was being used were legion, from security (52%) to cloud management (51%), to database (49%) and big data analytics (47%).

Red Hat noted four key takeaways from the report:

  • Enterprise open source is increasingly playing a strategic role as proprietary falls
  • Cloud computing and enterprise open source go hand in hand
  • IT leaders choose enterprise open source because of its higher quality software
  • Security tops the list of where IT leaders use enterprise open source

You can read the full report here (pdf, no opt-in required).

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