10 ways to adopt Web-scale IT across the enterprise

By Paul Cragg, CTO, Easynet

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  With the widespread acclaim and commercial advantage that comes from being first to market, it has been sniffed at by innovative, trailblazing businesses -until now.  It’s time to bury our collective pride and learn from other businesses, as global analysts Gartner introduce us to the term ‘Web-scale IT’. This basically involves us looking to the likes of Google, Facebook, Netflix and...

Spring clean your network: 10 key priorities

By Adrian Thirkill, UK MD, Easynet Global Services

“Spring brings a boost of energy which we often put to cleaning, but new research shows we can use this energy to improve other areas of our lives too” says Queen of Clean Aggie Mackenzie, of Kim and Aggie fame. She recommends we use this lighter, brighter time of year to chase away the dust and get rid of whatever we don’t use.

Her wise words are apt when it comes to our corporate networks. Overloaded,...

Why 2014 is the year when the customer becomes your financial advisor

By Adrian Thirkill, UK MD, Easynet Global Services

IT has officially gone mainstream: geek chic graces fashion magazines and CTOs wear their high-vis jackets with pride as they become increasingly high-profile in their organisations.

A company’s IT strategy - and the resulting spend - is fundamental to the performance of its business operations. It doesn’t just support a business, it drives a business and defines its success.

Analysts are agreed that...

Research shows US businesses more concerned about enterprise social media

It’s taken a while, but European businesses are finally seeing the benefits of social media in the enterprise, according to new research. The study, entitled Killer Apps 2013, found that in just a year the number of CIOs and IT Directors blocking Facebook on behalf of their companies dropped by 15% compared to 2012, and blocking of YouTube has fallen by 17% during the same period.  

Whether this demonstrates widespread corporate acceptance of the powers of digital media...

How to ensure your corporate network is ready for the rise of video

By Adrian Thirkill, COO and MD-UK, Easynet Global Services

I feel sorry for the corporate network. Every day it’s squeezed from all sides with video, voice, cloud, big data and mobile putting more pressure on it than an elephant on a tightrope. 

Video in the enterprise isn’t a new phenomenon, but various usage statistics continue to demonstrate its meteoric rise. The shift in workplace behaviour patterns, the increase in cross-border working, the improvement...

The IT landscape in 2014: Rationalise to economise

By Adrian Thirkill, UK MD, Easynet Global Services

With retailers launching their Christmas products, albeit in the midst of a heatwave, thoughts are turning already to 2014 and the issues that will top the corporate IT agenda.

As Mr Osborne claims triumphantly that the UK is emerging from austerity, the focus for us all will be less on cost-cutting and more on getting our IT estates in order, making the most of what we have and carefully identifying where we need to allocate...

Once more unto the data security breach

By Adrian Thirkill, UK MD, Easynet Global Services

Too many businesses are sharing a masochistic approach to corporate data security.

A security breach occurs which completely bypasses any incident management plan, and companies kick themselves. The worse the impact of the breach, the harder the kick.

CTOs may well have put a framework in place, but invariably it isn’t shared with staff and was put together in the days before we began producing 2.5 quintillion...

Why leaving that BYO policy unfinished could be lethal for the CTO

By Adrian Thirkill, COO and MD-UK, Easynet Global Services

In the 80s, the acronym ‘BYO’ on an invitation, or displayed in the window of a restaurant,  strictly referred to ‘Bring your own bottle’. That trend, along with lukewarm Lambrusco presented proudly at parties, has thankfully fallen by the wayside.

Now, as we all know, ‘BYO’ is more common in the world of IT. BYOD, BYOE or BYOWoW (Bring Your Own Way of Working) as we like to...

How smart is your corporate network?

By Adrian Thirkill, Easynet’s UK Managing Director

IT has undergone a major reputation overhaul over the past five years, emerging from the murky help desk basement into the mainstream. The mass adoption of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking sites, and the devices driving this, are hugely responsible.

Whether it’s a pointless but amusing app that makes your voice sound like you’re underwater, or the arguably more useful banking-on-the-move...