Why the resilience of your organisation is a reflection of human strength

Back in 2003 the Harvard Business Review published an article, “The Quest for Resilience” . It stated that “The world is becoming turbulent faster than organisations are becoming resilient.” Fast forward some 17 years and while many companies have improved their ability to respond to the ebbs and flows of business it’s fair to say that no one could have anticipated our current predicament.

The point the article made back then still resonates today. “In the past,...

Why 2020 could be our year to achieve one workforce and true transparency

We can’t change what’s happened this year, but there is plenty to look forward to in 2020. I’m excited about the year ahead because, despite the many challenges in 2019, I believe we’re witnessing an evolution in businesses and how they choose to operate.

The next year, and indeed, decade looks to be exhilarating - and here's why.

One workforce